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    1. Customized Vulcanizing Machine

      Large Vulcanizing Machine

      Large vulcanizing machine is Huayi hot sell vulcanizing molding machine series, most of them are customized with large clamping force, large heating platen size,automatice demoulding devices or automatic production line. Huayi Machinery can make large vulcanizing machine with fastest delivery time and customized design service.
    2. High automation:?
      Automatically load rubber material; Automatically tense steel belt; Track taking off semi-automatically
    3. Flexible installation:?
      Special telescopic design applied on fast clamping device to decrease operation height efficiently
    4. Energy-saving:?
      Hydraulic pump adjusts the energy consumption during curing to avoid the energy lost,clamping force keep stable always.
    5. Hydraulic precisely control multiple actions:
      The flow of the pump can be precisely adjusted from 0 to 100% during the multiple actions.
    6. Longer product life:?
      Perfect performance between clamping unit and tensing device improve the belt track life 50% longer.
    7. Smart product quality control:?
      Smart control with B&R system, automatic data adjusting&saving function, Monitor and track production data to analyze the production stability & improve product quality.
    8. Product Description

      Large vulcanizing machine

      Item HYL-160P HYL-280P HYL-360P HYL-480P HYL-650P
      Item HYL-160P HYL-280P HYL-360P HYL-480P HYL-650P
      Clamping Force(KN) 1600 2800 3600 4800 6500
      Heating Platen Size(W*L/MM) 900x600 1500*640 1700*750 1960*750 2050*1050
      Space Btwn Platens(MM) 540 550 550 550 900
      Mold Close Stroke(MM) 440 400 400 400 720
      Max.Clamping Stroke(MM) 450 450 550 550 800
      Min.Mold Thickness(MM) 100 150 150 150 180
      Range of Track(MM)2560~3520 3780-4860 4600-6200 4800-6400 5900-8500
      System Pressure(Mpa) 21 21 21 21 21

      Automatic Trolley Car

      Serve for Rubber Belt Tack Vulcanizing Press

      • With its own hydraulic power bank and electrical control unit
      • Function one: take semi-finished rubber track from first vulcanizing unit,and rotate the track and deliver it to the second vulcanizing unit
      • Function two: deliver the iron cores to vulcanizing units and deliver the finished tracks to storage zone
      • Advantage one : To achieve automatic production, act as the "operator hand" to carry heavy tracks or iron cores
      • Advantage two: To save labor cost and inscreas production capacity

      Advantages of rubber belt tracks vulcanizing press

      • 1. High quality: constant hydraulic iron core tension, make each tracks length difference control into 3mm; Qualified products rate up to 99.99%;
      • 2. Automatic pressure compensation during clamping, to mak the rubber melting and vulcanizing evenly.
      • 3. Steam heating, Heated evenly, UK top brand steam heating control system;
      • 4. High labor saving: one operator can operate one group;
      • 5. Short cycle time: 50-55 mins to get one complete tracks from one group of press.

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